More bang for your buck: the top 4 benefits of a serviced apartment

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Not so long ago, the whole concept of a serviced apartment was largely unknown and hotels reigned supreme. But now, the dominance of hotels is under threat.

Serviced apartments are growing in number, awareness and popularity every year – in fact in both 2016 and 2017, occupancy rates were higher in serviced apartments than in hotels.

So what’s all the fuss about? What are the biggest benefits of staying in a serviced apartment?

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Best of the West: Must-see destinations in London’s West End

London, like all great cities, is a tough nut to crack as a tourist. You can try and fit everything into a weekend, but in truth, there are London residents who still haven’t been to some of our most famous hotspots.

Essentially, trying to fit in everything just isn’t practical – it can, for example, take 2-3 days to truly see everything in the British Museum. Instead, you ideally need to pick a few of your favourites and focus on those.

So, here’s our own pick of some of the must-sees and must-dos in the West End…

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5 of the best restaurants near Hampton Court Palace

One of the many blessings of our fabulous location is the abundance of top-notch eateries right on our doorstep.

Here’s my pick of 5 of the best:

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Cleaning on demand: housekeeping at Craven House

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One of the great joys of staying away from home is having some time away from household chores.

At Craven House, our fabulous housekeeping team take great pride in making up our apartments. And with recently awarded scores of 100% for cleanliness from VisitEngland, we can guarantee the quality of our work.

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Gold again from VisitEngland for Craven House!

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Gold again from VisitEngland for Craven House!

For the eighth year in a row, Craven House Serviced Apartments has received a Gold Award from VisitEngland – one of the biggest accolades in the industry.

As is always the case with well-reputed awards like this, earning the highest accreditation is hard – but to maintain it for a long period of time is even harder. So this award is a proud achievement.

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Peace of mind: Safety and security for business travellers at serviced apartments

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The sharing economy’s influence on business travel through companies like Airbnb has given travellers more options than ever before. But while this has sometimes offered more flexibility in terms of location, price or space, the downside has been that assurances of safety and security aren’t always up to scratch. For corporate travellers, working with certain independent, unregulated providers therefore offers a degree of risk. But with experienced, professional serviced apartment providers like Craven House, those risks don’t apply.

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Why serviced apartments make sense when you’re relocating

Relocating is as challenging as it is exciting. With all the new opportunities comes a lot of stress – especially if you’re coming with family.

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Sizing up your trip: how much more space in a serviced apartment?

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Space is perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel.

Whether you’re a solo business traveller or organising a family trip, size matters. And time and time again, serviced apartments have been proven to offer more space than your average hotel room. But just how much bigger is a serviced apartment than a hotel room?

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Jousting, concerts and flowers: Summer at Hampton Court Palace

Our serviced apartments are fortunately located for a rich variety of fabulous London attractions. But being positioned adjacent to Hampton Court Palace is something that never fails to bring guests to our doors.

This summer the palace will be alive with activity for all the family, and here are some of the highlights.

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Serviced apartments are perfect for corporate travellers

The popularity of serviced apartments is increasing rapidly, and from my experience, much of that growth is coming from business travel. So, what makes a serviced apartment such an attractive option for corporate jet-setters?

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