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The sharing economy’s influence on business travel through companies like Airbnb has given travellers more options than ever before. But while this has sometimes offered more flexibility in terms of location, price or space, the downside has been that assurances of safety and security aren’t always up to scratch. For corporate travellers, working with certain independent, unregulated providers therefore offers a degree of risk. But with experienced, professional serviced apartment providers like Craven House, those risks don’t apply.

The right accreditations

In corporate travel, having or finding the right industry accreditations means a great deal. We are accredited by the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), which is the industry leader for quality, safety and security standards. It’s an accreditation that’s easy to miss when booking your travel, but it really matters.

As well as assessing guest experience and quality, it’s also associated with legal, safety and security compliance. ASAP’s visit follows a strict process, and gaining the accreditation isn’t easy. Passing the assessment gives corporate travellers genuine peace of mind. There are no short-cuts with the ASAP’s Quality Assurance Programme: if you don’t comply with their standards, you won’t pass. They have accredited apartments in 130 cities across the global – so when you see the ASAP marque, you know you’re dealing with an operator you can trust.

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The difference between professional and casual accommodation

Ultimately, the sharing economy presents a more casual approach to travel, and that isn’t always appropriate for business people.

Those offering accommodation on a casual basis aren’t always aware of the various security standards that need to be met. For providers like Craven House and others, the serviced apartments industry is our profession. We’ve seen it grow and change over many years, and we’ve become acutely aware of the threats and challenges. We know, first-hand, why safety and security matters, and we know how to implement the very highest standards.

So my advice is simple. Whenever booking corporate travel, just take a moment to do your research and ensure you’re booking with an approved, accredited provider who takes the safety and security of your staff as seriously as you do.

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