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Not so long ago, the whole concept of a serviced apartment was largely unknown and hotels reigned supreme. But now, the dominance of hotels is under threat.

Serviced apartments are growing in number, awareness and popularity every year – in fact in both 2016 and 2017, occupancy rates were higher in serviced apartments than in hotels.

So what’s all the fuss about? What are the biggest benefits of staying in a serviced apartment?


Let’s face it: wherever we’re going, and whatever our reason for going, size matters.

It’s difficult to pinpoint just how much bigger the average serviced apartment is than an equivalently priced hotel room. But generally speaking, most experts suggest a figure of around 30%.

At Craven House, it doesn’t really feel like 30% covers it. Not least of all because most of my apartments either come with a private garden or large balcony.

Whatever way you look at it, if you’re looking for space, serviced apartments win every time.


Put simply, you get more bang for your buck in a serviced apartment.

As has been proven time and time again, serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels for every type of traveller. You get more space, fewer hidden fees and a fully equipped kitchen which means less spending on food. Even good quality Wi-Fi, which is always included in serviced apartments, tends to be a chargeable extra in hotels.

Essentially, serviced apartments are not only cheaper up front, but cheaper during your stay too.


No cleaners barging in unexpectedly. No late-night revellers stomping past your door in the wee hours. No looking for a quiet spot to do some work at the hotel restaurant.

Serviced apartments offer total privacy and therefore real peace of mind. So whether you’re away on business or enjoying a much-needed break, you get all the peace and quiet you need – plus all the security that comes with that.



Hotels tend to house very large numbers of guests – and therefore, tend to be unable to offer you a truly personalised experience. It simply isn’t practical.

Serviced apartments like mine can operate completely differently with far fewer guests. I accommodate any and every request – from stocking kitchens with speciality foods to arranging trusted babysitting services. Apartment cleaning, for example, is completely flexible – booked in at times and days to suit your schedule.

Flexibility comes through the way serviced apartments are structured, too. Having a kitchen separate to your bedroom, and often another distinct area to relax or study, adds real benefit to every kind of trip. If you’re working, you can get more done; if you’re relaxing, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed. Serviced apartments are often described as a home away from home, and that’s because they let you lead a more natural, flexible routine that’s more in keeping with your everyday life.

Come and enjoy the benefits for yourself

There are many more reasons that people are choosing serviced apartments over hotels. But perhaps more importantly than anything, serviced apartments offer a special something that’s hard to identify without experiencing it yourself.

Ultimately, it’s about personality. While hotels often feel formulaic, with identical rooms side by side, serviced apartments have unique identities and character. At Craven House, all our apartments are not only furnished individually, but they’re altered and updated seasonally to reflect seasons and events. There are luxury touches everywhere that make every single stay as magical as I believe they should be.

So come and experience it for yourself. Have a look at my apartments in London and Surrey here – perfect for tourists of every type.


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