Relocating is as challenging as it is exciting. With all the new opportunities comes a lot of stress – especially if you’re coming with family.

But having welcomed a huge number of travellers relocating to London and the South East, I can say from experience that a serviced apartment makes your move a whole lot easier. A home away from home lets life carry on.


Once the reality of relocating kicks in, the practicalities can be mind-boggling. From visas and permits to storage and schools, the to-do list can seem unsolvable.

But one short-term problem can be solved by a serviced apartment: space. Serviced apartments are typically a third bigger than similarly priced hotel rooms, but also offer extra rooms for you and your family. My two-bedroom apartments, for example, offer separate living and kitchen areas and comfortably sleep four.

In short, you have the space to eat, sleep, study, plan and even store some of your belongings. You also have the space to ensure that, if your family is split up for a short time, you can accommodate everyone as and when you’re together.


Renting a property on a short-term contract might seem like a good option, but it’s risky. The housing market in London and the South East, as well as competition for school places, is highly unpredictable. A three or six-month contract might seem ideal, but it really is impossible to pinpoint how quickly, or slowly, things progress.

Serviced apartments like mine operate like hotels: you pay for the length of time you use them, and you can leave at very short notice. In the long-run, this could save you a great deal of money.

What’s more, serviced apartments offer you flexibility of services too. Unlike in a hotel, you can have your apartment cleaned whenever you want, and you can eat your meals whenever you choose. Serviced apartments give you a semblance of the ordinary family life you’ll crave as you get your relocation sorted.


Personal service

Independent serviced apartment providers like me offer a handful of quality apartments that are free of bureaucracy or complex service channels. When you book, you can speak to me directly, explain your circumstances, and make personal requests. We welcome those relocating to the UK all the time, and are familiar with the challenges and concerns you’ll have.

So if you need help finding a house, a nursery, a school, or even somewhere to store your belongings, I’ll make it my business to help you.

It’s the kind of service you simply can’t expect from a hotel or a chain company of any type. As the owner of an independent business, one of our strengths is being able to customise your experience. And when it comes to relocating – a time of great challenges and emotions – that can make a real difference.

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I love helping people relocating, and it’s something we’ve become renowned for. So take a look at my apartments, or simply give me a call to discuss your plans on 020 8977 6699.

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