Are serviced apartments on the increase?

Lucy Schiel April 21, 2016

As UK companies report an ‘86% increase in the use of serviced apartments’, are we about to see rapid growth of the accommodation sector?

Turn back the clock

I started Craven House when I was pregnant with my daughter Rose, 10 years ago. We had the chance to live in this beautiful Georgian building and renovate it into 5 luxury serviced apartments.
Serviced apartments were in their infancy back then, and people thought we were crazy and couldn’t understand the concept. Look where we are now and how the industry has grown.


Our beautiful Park Suite at Craven House, Hampton Court

Fast forward 10 years

I can certainly feel the positivity of the sector coming through and have seen a real step change since launching Craven House back in 2006. From conversations with agents and operators, I can tell that the sector is in a good place. Over the next 2 years, industry experts believe that the serviced apartments ‘will come of age’ both in primary and regional cities. In particular, there is unrelenting appetite for corporate accommodation as the key driver of this growth, with UK businesses registering an 86% increase in the use of serviced apartments in recent years.

Why the increase use?

Quite simply, it’s the difference between staying in a hotel and a staying in a serviced apartment.
I believe there are significant benefits for business travellers who choose to stay in a serviced apartment instead of a hotel. Not only is there a considerable saving to be made on accommodation costs, serviced apartments provide more space, flexibility and privacy, so why compromise?

Park Suite floorplan - Craven House Luxury Serviced Apartments in Hampton Court

So much more space than a standard hotel room

Craven House is the perfect base whilst you relocate, not only because of the high standard of service and accommodation you will receive but location as well, being in Hampton Court and in Claygate.
Have a read of our blog post on the top 5 reasons why your should choose Craven House Luxury Serviced Apartments for your next stay.
We are looking forward to what the next 18 months will bring to the serviced apartment industry and hope we can welcome you to Craven House in the very near future.
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