Relocating to a new country?

Lucy Schiel May 25, 2016

Relocating to a new country can can be quite exciting but daunting a the same time! Especially when the whole family is involved.

Craven House has welcomed many relocating guests over the years, including plenty of families. So we have pulled together a few helpful tips to think about to help your relocation go as smoothly as possible!
Visit your new location before you move
If it is at all possible, try and visit your new city/town before you move. This will be a huge bonus and help you feel at ease after you’ve actually relocated as it will be familiar. Make sure you do plenty of online research. The culture of a new city can be daunting so it’s best to be prepared as much as possible.
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Local community
Most places have a strong expat community. Find local blogs and forums for useful tips and contacts in your new location. But – don’t let this stop you from mixing with the locals too. You’ll feel ‘at home’ much quicker.
Health and wellbeing
Knowing where your local, English-speaking doctors surgery or medical centre is located will give you massive reassurance.
New lifestyle
Many many new countries have different customs, dress codes, cultural attitudes compared with your native ones. Looking into how the local community works will save awkward moments once you’ve arrived.
Home from home
It’s not always ideal to select your new property whilst you are still living hundreds of miles away in your home country. That’s why many people start their relocation in temporary accommodation. Serviced apartments are the one of the better choices. Why? well, they give you so much more space, flexibility and privacy over a standard hotel room. Plus you can come and go as you please and eat in our out depending on how you feel! I truly believe staying in a serviced apartment will help make your initial move easier.
Have a look here at the difference between one of our apartments and a standard hotel room layout to see the how much more space you get:

CH floorplan

Craven House apartment floorplan

Standard hotel room floorplan

Standard hotel room floorplan

Craven House
We, at Craven House understand how stressful relocating can be and how important the decisions are that you need to make.
Are you relocating to the UK? Then let us help. By staying with us when you arrive, allows you to concentrate on the bigger tasks that lie ahead. From finding your future home to the perfect school for your children.
We promise we will do everything we can to make your transition move as easy as possible.
You can view our rates for all our luxury serviced apartments here and we look forward to welcoming you soon
Best wishes
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