Relocating to London or Surrey in 2018? Try a serviced apartment for the in-between phase

Lucy Schiel February 26, 2018

Whether you’re looking for plush pads or something more modest, the same rules apply: the good properties go fast. To say that the process is stressful is a big understatement, and if you’re moving to the area for the first time, it can quickly become overwhelming. But a serviced apartment on an extended stay basis can alleviate much of that stress – and here’s why.

Helping you get ready to pounce
Our serviced apartments in Hampton Court and  Claygate put you within and near to all of the most popular parts of London and Surrey. With great transport links, superb schools and the proximity to central London, you’re in easy reach of all the housing hotspots.
This is vital because it not only gives you a chance to settle comfortably and get a feel for the areas that best suit you and your family, but because it allows you to get to viewings quickly. It helps you to take control of the process and make informed decisions – and without the risk of purchasing a house speculatively in an area you don’t even know.
No 8 The Terrace Claygate - Craven House Luxury Serviced Apartments in Hampton Court
A real home in a tricky period
Relocating is hard – there’s no denying it. You’re not just moving home. You’re probably also moving jobs, and leaving friendships or family behind. You might also have children whose whole world is being turned upside down. In these challenging periods, having a comfortable, spacious home can make a huge difference while you find your feet. Hotels really do feel transitional; there will always be a sterile, temporary feel to them. But a serviced apartment is truly a home from home – and importantly, it’s private.
Court Suite Kitchen
Space and flexibility when you need it most
Flexibility is one of the ultimate benefits of a serviced apartment in any situation – and it’s especially important for relocation stays.
The flexibility over the length of your stay, and how you use your apartment, really helps. The fact you have a proper kitchen, a living area, and spaces to study, are also valuable. Even the flexibility over cleaning helps, because nothing feels less like home than a cleaner knocking on your door at 10am every morning!
Best of all, everything comes at typically lower rates than an equivalent hotel stay – and those rates often improve the longer you need the accommodation for.
No 8 The Terrace Claygate - Craven House Luxury Serviced Apartments in Hampton Court
Take a video tour of my apartments to see just how spacious they are
Our apartments – as you can see in these videos – are spacious and luxurious, perfect for those in transition. If you’re interested in a long-term stay in London or Surrey, feel free to call us and we’d be happy to discuss your options.
Best wishes
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