Space is perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel.

Whether you’re a solo business traveller or organising a family trip, size matters. And time and time again, serviced apartments have been proven to offer more space than your average hotel room. But just how much bigger is a serviced apartment than a hotel room?

30% bigger – at least….

Conventional wisdom suggests that serviced apartments are, on average, around 30% bigger than hotel rooms. But at the same time, these larger spaces are typically around 20% cheaper than hotels of an equivalent standard. In other words, you pay less for more.

Furthermore, our apartments at Craven House are particularly large. Take our lower garden suite, which boasts around 950 square feet of space, and is therefore almost three times the size of the average UK hotel room (330 square feet).

So in truth, 30% may be under-selling the advantage that serviced apartments have over hotels. Serviced apartments are, by nature, more unique and therefore some are smaller than others. But you’ll be hard pushed to find an apartment that isn’t significantly bigger than your average hotel room.

Lower Garden Suite Floor Plans


…And a home always feels bigger than a hotel

The value of a serviced apartment isn’t really illustrated with stats about its size though. It’s not so much about floor space, as the feeling of space.

Serviced apartments like mine come with a kitchen. Not a scarcely used microwave crammed into a corner of your bedroom, but a fully equipped, bright and separate kitchen. Give me some notice, and I’ll even stock it with some of your favourite foods if you’re on a whirlwind business trip.


They also have a living and study area. Again, this isn’t a TV hanging at the end of your bed or a table squeezed in, but an entire area that allows you to unwind, work or even entertain guests away from the confines of your bedroom. Most of my apartments even come with outdoor space, from cosy balconies to beautiful private gardens.

Serviced apartments quickly start to feel more like a home because they allow you to do the things you’d do at home. And that’s why I often welcome guests not only on business or holidays, but as a stop-gap when relocating, or on a longer term basis for a work commitment. Sometimes a hotel just doesn’t cut it, and you simply need something more.

Lower Garden Suite

Looking for accommodation in London or Surrey? Look no further

My apartments are larger than most – and far larger than any hotel room. With studios on offer as well as larger, family-friendly options in both London and Surrey, we’ve got you covered.

Take a closer look at the apartments and my rates here or give me a call if you’d like to discuss what you’re looking for.

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