The popularity of serviced apartments is increasing rapidly, and from my experience, much of that growth is coming from business travel. So, what makes a serviced apartment such an attractive option for corporate jet-setters?

Offering the space you crave for longer stays
Business travellers often require accommodation for long periods or on a regular basis. And while hotels are ideal for short stays, the lack of space and flexibility becomes more of an issue over time.
Serviced apartments offer superb value for money given the extra space you get. But having a fully fitted kitchen, an area to work, and flexibility over things like the cleaning rota are all significant benefits when you’re away on business for a lengthy period. Equally, that home away from home feeling that you get in an apartment is all the more beneficial if you want to find somewhere to stay regularly.

Lower Garden Suite Floorplan

Cutting business costs
Anyone who regularly books business travel will know that accommodation isn’t the only cost a business incurs. Room service, food and drink, laundry, parking, internet access – these kinds of expenses really stack up over an extended period. But the beauty of a serviced apartment over a hotel is that many of these expenses can be reduced – or removed completely.
At Craven House, for example, the spacious kitchens – which include washing machines and dryers – will cut down on food and laundry expenses. Plus parking, and Wi-Fi, is of course free. Over the course of a long stay, this makes a big difference.
And truthfully, most corporate travellers love the option of being able to prepare meals at home – that’s the kind of flexibility you need to fit around a busy schedule. Serviced apartments are even big enough to comfortably hold meetings – which could add further convenience, and further savings.

Court Suite Kitchen

A feeling of normality
Corporate travel can be glamorous, but it can be monotonous too. What a serviced apartment can do is give you a feeling of normality. With your own space and far fewer neighbours than in a hotel, it’s much easier to blend in and feel like a local. You don’t have to hide from cleaners or eat breakfast at a certain time – nor do you have the same menu to choose from for your evening meal. You can be spontaneous, you can be messy – you can be however you are at home. And when you’re away from home comforts, that can vastly improve your trip.
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