Space: the ultimate benefit of serviced apartments

Lucy Schiel October 6, 2017

There are a number of reasons why serviced apartments are growing in popularity across the world. Recent stats have revealed that the serviced apartment sector in the UK has outperformed expectations in the first half of this year, and it’s no surprise. They offer value, luxury, flexibility, and all the convenience you expect in a home away from home.

But for me, I think the real winner when it comes to the choice between serviced apartments and hotels is space.
30% more space. And a far more spacious feel
The general consensus is that a serviced apartment will offer you an average of 30% more space than an equivalently priced hotel room.
That in itself is significant, but I also think it’s an underestimation of how much more spacious a serviced apartment feels. The key for me is the layout.
new Floorplans sized_Lower Garden Suite
In London, if you have enough budget to stay at a high-quality hotel, you can expect a good-sized room. But ultimately, that’s exactly what it is – a room.
In a serviced apartment, you typically get more than one room. If not, even a smaller studio layout will offer different areas within your space, rather than simply a desk and armchair. Importantly, that gives you the feeling that you’re not doing everything from one spot. You can expect, as a minimum, separate areas for sleeping, working and eating. And typically, that’s what my guests love about my serviced apartments at Craven House.
Yes, you get more space – but you get more of a feeling of spaciousness too.
Space saves you money
For longer stays, having space adds value to your stay.
In a hotel, staying in isn’t always an option. The novelty of eating in bed is fleeting – it starts to feel messy very quickly! And the need to have different spaces for different things becomes more important the longer you stay for.
A serviced apartment gives you a kitchen area to cook, or at the very least, somewhere to eat that doesn’t leave a lingering smell when you go to bed! And that normally saves you money, with staying in a far more attractive option after a busy day.
Court Suite Kitchen
Want comfort and space on your next London trip?
My luxury serviced apartments are perfectly positioned for visitors to the capital. So if you’re looking for more space during your stay, have a look at them here.
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