Why I love….Hampton Court

Lucy Schiel March 16, 2016

Introducing the first in a series of blogs from Lucy – the owner of Craven House – about what she loves and why.

This week, Lucy tells us about why she loves…Hampton Court.
How long have you lived in the area?
We have lived in or near Hampton Court for 10 years so know the area pretty well. Craven House is located in such a wonderful place and I feel very lucky to have had the time to get the know the area well. Even though you are so close to the City of London, being in Hampton makes you feel like you’re in the country, especially with Royal Bushy Park near by.
When was the first time you visited Hampton Court Palace?
We moved into Craven House 10 years ago – Rose was just over 1 years old and so this was when we first visited Hampton Court Palace. It was the perfect place for her to toddle about.  One of my favourite memories was taking her there when Luca was 2 days old and her playing in the daffodil fields in the Palace gardens. We love visiting the Palace, the kitchens and have spent many happy sunny afternoons near the café while the kids climbed the trees.

Palace Gardens

What is your favourite restaurant in Hampton Court?
One of my favourite is Mezzet – see blog. Also ‘5 on the Bridge’ has a little secret garden and is great for a bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning after the party the night before!
Mezzet Restaurant - Craven House Luxury Serviced Apartments in Hampton Court Eating Guide to Hampton Court


What are the top 3 things you love about Hampton Court?
I love vintage and antiques shops and there are plenty of those in Hampton. I love wandering round to see if I can spot something unusual! I love visiting the little shops as well stopping off in the lovely friendly cafés. The Palace of course is the highlight. There are always big events going on which are not to be missed. This year we have so many to look forward to – from the Palace Half Marathon, The Easter Fair, the Fun Easter Weekend, Hampton Court Palace Festival to the new Magic Garden – opening on 24 March! We will cover some of these big events via our blog, so watch this space.

Palace Festival

Would you change anything about Hampton Court?
Nothing really, although a closer supermarket wouldn’t go amiss !  We have some great train links to central London and as Hampton Court is at the beginning of the line you always get a seat! We are so very lucky that Craven House is located in a beautiful part of the UK.
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Best wishes
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